To guests from overseas

Thank you for considering staying at our hotel.

There are two ways to reserve your stay.

①WEB site

Only provisional reservations can be made on this site. At this point, the reservation has not been made. Your reservation is confirmed when you receive an email from the hotel confirming your reservation.


If you have difficulty using the Japanese website, please email us with the following information.



・contact address

・Number of people (adults and children)

・Dinner request

・Breakfast request

Please note that we are closed from 2pm on Tuesdays until 3pm on Thursdays. Please forgive me for the delay in getting back to you.


【In-house etiquette】

We value Japanese tradition and politeness. Please observe the following house rules inside the hotel.

・Our hotel is registered as a Japanese cultural property. Some fittings and furniture may be easily broken. Please handle with care.

・Old buildings in Japan are not good at soundproofing. Please be considerate of other customers. Please be quiet and peaceful.

・Japan has a culture of valuing food. Don’t leave too much food out, please. Of course, you don’t have to force yourself to eat foods you don’t like. we don’t care about that.

・Please keep the common spaces (bath, sink, toilet) clean. Because other guests also use it.

・As a Japanese etiquette, please take off your slippers on the tatami floor. Please do not drag your trunk inside the hotel.

・Japanese hotels are private spaces. Please be considerate of other customers when taking photos inside the facility. Photography in the bathroom is prohibited.



・Do you have language support?

→Japanese and simple English. For other languages, use translation apps etc. to communicate.

・How to access the hotel?

→The nearest train station is JR Kawatana Onsen Station. It takes about 5 minutes by taxi from the station to the hotel. By car, it is 30 minutes from the Shimonoseki area, 1 hour from the Yamaguchi city area, and 1.5 hours from the Hagi area.

・Is the bathroom a hot spring?

→It’s a hot spring. There are two private baths, so please reserve them when you check in. There is no shower room, but there is a shower inside the private bath.

・Can I use a credit card?

→Yes, major brands can be used.

・What are the check-in and check-out times?

→Check-in is from 15:00 and check-out is until 10:00.